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1. Review the scope of work to be done.
To make sure Heims Construciton Co. and the Customer are on the same page we will begin with a comprehensive review of the work to be performed. The Customer will indicate what, if any items are to be saved and incorporated into the new job. The Customer will decide which items need to be stored during the construction process.

2. Heims Construction will assess the stages of the project and the length of time to complete each one.
We will provide a written schedule, and then have regular weekly meetings to review progress with the Customer.

3. The Customer may wish to prepare one part of the work area as a work-free zone.
Arrange one room – the den or family room – where the Customer can get away from the construction process.

4. We normally will create a space for our tools and supplies.
An area approved by the Customer will be set up for a coffee pot or refrigerator (supplied by Heims Construction Co.) for workers and sub-contractors.

5. Go over the working hours and schedule.
Normal working hours for Heims Construction Co. are from 8 am – 5 pm. Some Saturdays we will also work as needed.

6. Take care of security issues.
Instead of having duplicate keys, Heims Construction Co. will attach a real-estate lockbox to the door for storage of key. We will discuss who will have access to the lockbox with the Customer.

7. Ground rules that the Customer may have.
No smoking in the home or business structure where work is being performed! Radios? Bathroom use for workers? Phone available for local calls? All issues should be addressed before work begins with the Customer.

8. Protect possessions from dust and dirt.
We will use plastic, plywood and shop vacuums to protect your possessions. Still, you’ll want to store or further protect your computers, TVs, stereos and other sensitive equipment with a drop cloth.

9. Detail the exact cost of the work and when payments are due.
We will have a pre-construction meeting to review the estimate put together by Heims Construction Co. and go over procedures. Invoices will be discussed with a few days notice of impending expenses. We will also discuss how job changes will be handled and charged to the Customer.

10. Prepare for unexpected costs.
Sometimes, even the best plans go awry. The demolition phase may reveal some conditions that we could not have predicted. These will be discussed with the Customer as needed.

11. We wish to cultivate a long-standing relationship with all of our Customers and Suppliers.
As can be expected, satisfied workers are more likely to return when repairs are needed. Friendly interest and praise when deserved will go along way in building relationships with contractors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters and all sub-contractors associated with any job.

12. Inspect materials as delivered to job site as needed.
As materials arrive they are to be inspected by the general contractor and or Customer to make sure the order is complete. This will help to identify any problems and keep the project on schedule.

With all parties communicating, Heims Construction Co. knows that any project can be handled smoothly, in a timely manner and satisfaction will be achieved by all those involved.



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